OEHC Holdings. Some of the items collected.
(The list is not complete--many more items to be cataloged)

Defender of the Faith magazines. C. A. Maddy,  Founder and Editor.

1930, October-November, Pt Pleasant, WV, copy pp 1-16

1934, July, Defender, Children's Page, copy, p 9

1938, May, copy, pp 1-16

1938, June, copy, pp 1-16

1940, Vol. 19, No. 10, (no date) original & copy, pp 1-16 A.S.

(2) 1940 September, copy, Volume XIX, Number 17, pp 1-16

1940, November, copy, pp 5, 16

1940, December, copy, pp 15, 16

1941, (no month) copy, pp 1-8 (Name/Photo of lady who named IC)

1942, December, original, newspaper, pp 1-16

1944, December 12, 1944. Letter to Defender  subscribers about the hurricane, the damage to the church that was about to be dedicated and a plea to send an offering to help rebuild.

1946, September, original, magazine, pp 1-34 (Announcing Fellowship Front)

(2) 1946, Oct-Nov, Vol 26, No. 4, original, pp 1-16

1947, June, copy, p 1

1947 August, No. 1, pp 1-4

1947 September, No. 2 pp 1-2, 8

1947, October, copy, pp 1-8

1948, January, p 1

1948, March, original, pp 1-8

1948, May, copy, Volume 27, No. 10, pp 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8

1948, June, July, August, Volume 27, No. 11, p 1

1948, October, original, pp 1-8

1948, December, original, pp 1-16

1949, February-March, original, pp 1-12

1949, April, 1949, Volume 28, No 4, copy, p 1

1949, August, copy, pp 1, 3, 9

1949, September-October, copy, pp 1-8

1950, January - February, Volume 29, No. 1, pp 1, 2

1951, July-August, original, pp 1-8 (Ormond Beach Hotel)

1951, November-December, original, pp 1-8

1953, March-April, copy, pp 1-4

1953, September-October, newspaper copy (Memorial Issue Clarence Allison Maddy)

1957, March-April, copy pp 1-6

1962, March-April, copy, 1-6

1962, May-June, copy, pp 1-6

1984, January-February, original, pp 1-10

1986, July-August, original, pp 1-4

1986, September-October, original, pp 1-4

1991, July-August-September, original, pp 1-4

1993, January-February-March, original, pp 1-4

1994, June 1994, Vol. 72 - No. 5, original, pp 1-4

(2) 1995, July-August, original, pp 1-4

(2) 1997, April-May-Jun, original, pp 1-4

2000, February-March, original, pp 1-8 (p 2 bottom, A Tribute, Mr. Maddy)

The Christian Voice magazines. Published from Intercession City by A.J. Smith

1951, September, original, pp 1-8

1951, November, original, pp 1-8

1951, December, original, pp 1-12

1952, January, original, pp 5, 6 only

ICBC, Zenith, La Palmera & The Rock Year Books

The Zenith

(3) 1942 The Zenith (soft cover), 2 originals, 1 copy

La Palmera Year Books. ICBC

(3) 1943 La Palmera (soft cover), 2 original, 1 copy
(2) 1944 La Palmera (hard cover), original
(1) 1945 La Palmera (hard cover), original
(2) 1946 La Palmera (hard cover), original
(1) 1947 La Palmera (soft cover), original w/copy of cover
(2) 1948 La Palmera (hard cover), 1 original, 1 copy

The Torch Year Book. Fellowship Biblical College (Sandford, FL) and Martinsville Bible College (Martinsville, VA) merged to become Aldersgate University in Sanford.

(1) 1949 The Torch, (original is hard cover) 2 have 2 copies. Donated by Mary Carpenter.

The Rock

(1) 1949 The Rock Year book (original is soft cover), Copy donated by Mary Steinman.

We have copies of 1948 and 1949, but we like to have originals for the museum/library. (DOES ANYONE HAVE AN ORIGINAL OF 1947, 1948 & 1949 (The Torch & The Rock), THAT THEY CAN DONATE TO THE ARCHIVES?)


(2) 1986 Chronicle, Intercession City Christian School (hard cover), original
50th Anniversary Edition, 1936-1986.

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An Unknown Christian, The Kneeling Christian, Zondervan, green hard cover. pp 133. (Donated by Steven L. Wyant, 2/13/2016)

Bray, Joy, The Life Story of Rebecca Bibbee, (ICBC Graduate), Wesley Press, 1990, pp 125.

Bunyan, John, The Holy War, made by King Shaddai Upon Diabolus, Porter & Coates, Alta Edition, hard green cover, originally published 1682, pp 318. (Donated by Steven L. Wyant, 2/13/2016)

Bustin, Gerald, Teenage MISSIONARY, The Adventures of a teenager among the jungle savages, 1981, pp 128.

Bustin, Gerald, The Devil's Plan for America and God's Plan TO DEFEAT HIM, pp 191.


Bustin, G. T., My First 75 Years, Missionary. pp 245

Bustin Chamberlin, Claudine, MAMBO, SHE WAS MORE THAN A MISSIONARY, SHE WAS A MOTHER. Country Pines Inc. pp 240. (Donated by T. J. Lavigne)

Bustin Chamberlin, Claudine, Thrills, Trials and Triumphs of a Pioneer Missionary Wife and Mother in the Highlands of New Guinea. Country Press Inc. pp 256. (Donated by Claudine Bustin Chamberlin, 2/13/2016)

Chapman, J. Wilbur, The Power of a Surrendered Life or Turning Back at Kadesh-Barnea, Published by The Bible Institute Colportage Association, soft cover. pp 124 (Donated by Steven L. Wyant, 2/13/2016)

Ciardi, John, Dante Inferno, The Drama of a Journey Through Hell. Mentor Books, soft cover. pp 188 (Donated by Steven L. Wyant, 2/13/2016)

Cowman, Mrs. Chas. E., Streams in the Desert, (a one year devotions) 11th Edition, Published by The Oriental Missionary Society, 1926, hard brown cover, pp378 (Donated by Steven L. Wyant, 2/13/2016)

Crane, Frank, The Lost Books of the Bible and the Forgotten Books of Eden. Brown Hard Cover. Copyright 1926, 11th Printing 1944. Alpha House, Inc. pp 269. Donated by Ray Donohue, Lake Wales, FL.

DeLong, Russell V., Ph.D. Christian Perfection. Radio Message, Nazarene Radio League, booklet. pp 30 (Donated by Steven L. Wyant, 2/13/2016)

England, Osie, Maddy, C. A. (2) Discipline of the Household of Faith MISSIONS, 1933, 2nd Edition 1954. By Osie England and Clarence Allison Maddy. Art. 1-37. copies in loose leaf binders. pp 27.

England, Osie, Maddy, C.A. (2) Discipline of the Household of Faith Missions. original copies 1954, (white soft cover) 1999, (dark blue soft cover). (Original was first published in 1933)

Hetherington, Alma, The River of the Long Water. Southern Heritage Press. St. Petersburg, Florida. Copyright 2001. 2nd Edition. ISBN 0-941072-40-1 pp 237

Hoeger, Agnes, M.D., Person, Irma Taeuber, Ever Forward! The Story of Dad Hoeger. pp 148

Joiner, E. Earl (1) FBCH, Florida Baptist Childeren's Homes: A History of Caring.
pp 95. The Farm, Arcadia, FL. pp 273.

Light, Dr. Paul A., A Bible Study on Romans, Pauline Epistle Series, Volume One, Faithful Life Publishers, N. Fort Myers, FL, (Published at least 32 books), 2014, pp 189

Maddy, C.A. The Book of Osie. The Life of Bishop Osie England. (originally published 193_?) 2nd Edition 1952+. By Clarence Allison Maddy. SANFORD, BUILDER PRINTERS, SANFORD, FLORIDA. 32 photos and illustrations. (1) original of 1st and 2nd printing, Original copy with blue cover. pp 80.

Maddy,  C.A. The Book of Osie. Published in the 1940s? Photo copy stapled without a cover. Sanford Builder, Printers, Sanford, FL.  pp 72

Maurer, Irene, Smith, Ronald and Anna, The Missionary LIfe of Irene Maurer, pp 272.

Nolan, David, Fifty Feet In Paradise, The Booming of Florida, 1984, pp 324.

Robison, Jim, HISTORIC OSCEOLA COUNTY, An Illustrated History. hard cover with dust jacket. First Edition, Copyright 2009, Historical Publishing Network. pp 118.

Smith, A. J., Bible Holiness and the MODERN, POPULAR, SPURIOUS, soft cover,        pp 139

Smith, A. J., Jesus Lifting Chinese or Miraculous Spiritual Awakenings in China, 1929,
pp 284

Smith, A. J., The Divine Program, A Treatise of God's Plan of the Ages as revealed in the Scriptures, soft cover, pp 222.

Smith, A. J. Twenty Years in the Dungeon of Doubt and How I Got Out, Tract, pp 53

Smith, A. J. Twenty Years in the Dungeon of Doubt and How I Got Out, Abridged Edition, pp 60. (2 copies)

Smith, Mrs. A. J., The Chinese Bible, 1923, Black Leather Cover. (Missionary to China 1920-1927, Registrar & Teacher at ICBC 1939-1946)

Voltaire, M. De, A Philosophical Dictionary from the French. American Stereotype Edition, Volume 1, Published by J. P. Mendum, 1852, hard brown cover, pp 408. Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1836, by John Quincy Adams, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of Massachusetts. (Donated by Steven L. Wyant, 2/13/2016)

Voltaire, M. De, A Philosophical Dictionary from the French. American Stereotype Edition, Volume II, Published by J. P. Mendum, 1852, hard brown cover, pp 416 Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1836, By John Qunicy Adams, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of Massachusetts. (Donated by Steven L. Wyant, 2/13/2016)

Wireman, Rev. C. L. Kentucky Mountain Outlaw Transformed, copy, "Bulldog Charlie," pp 54.

Wireman, C. L. (1) BY LAWS OF INTERCESSION CITY BIBLE HOLINESS TABERNACLE. February 13, 1953, copy, pp 13

Newspaper articles pertaining to ICBC & Intercession City.

Sentinel Star article, March 1979, Going Down by Richard Shepherd.
Demolition of Intercession City's Administration Building after fire. (original) 4 Photos.
Donated by Mike Brown.

The Kissimmee Gazzette. front page. 1934. Makes Million Dollar Gift To West Virginia Training School. (article about J.W. Wile's gift to Miss Osie's ministry)

The Kissimmee Gazzette. Article on I.C. Commencement. Original & Copy. A.S.

Post Cards.

Intercession City Institute (written on the arch). (The Hotel with many IC people out front)

The City Intercession of Prayer, (written on the Arch), In God We Trust. (all in Neon Lights)

Sky View of England Hall. Aerial view of the Hotel on 92.

Administration Building, Biblical College, Intercession City, Florida.


Interocean City Sales Brochure
. blue  pp 8. Advertising the benefits of investing in property in Interocean City. 


(1) Stained glass window from the Morrison Chapel. Donated by and thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Scott. Thanks Diane.

(1) Osie England Death Certificate, DOD, October 28, 1957. Certified copy. Thanks to Stephen Allison.

Tracts & Paper (History, Biographies, Autobiographies)

(1) John W. Wile, Thorntown, Indiana. Letterhead with Interocean City, Sec A map on back. Original. A.S.

(1) 2-page typewritten pages. Story of the the move from WV to Orlando to Interocean City. Original? A.S.

(1) Excerpts from letters received during Rev. A. J. Smith's illness and after his passing. 5x8" front and back. Original. A.S.

Aaron J. (Schmidt) Smith. pp 5-12 (copy from A.S. book from his dad's speeches, sermons, etc. from his files). He donated one to Asbury College, Wilmore, KY and retained the 2nd copy for his family.

Autobiography, A. J. Smith pp 13-23 A.S. (copy from same above book)


(1) Christian Action. Official Publication Great Commission Crusades, Inc. April-May-June 1981. Memorial Issue, Mildred E. Norbeck, (Feb 18, 1904--Apr 12, 1981) copy, pp 15.

(1) The Pentecostal Evangel. April 9, 1932. Stanley Frodsham, Editor. Raised Up to Pray. A story from A. J. Smith telling of the Revival in China. pp 3, 4 Copy. A.S.

Yes, there is definitely a need for a permanent home for the ICHCL, Intercession City Historical Center & Library--a building in Intercession City that visitors and resident's can visit to view the Christian History Museum. The library will house a large collection of books, especially Christian History topics that can be borrowed as well as a reference room for researching history.

A 24/7 Prayer Chapel will also be a part of this project. People will be able to pray any time night or day. This building will not belong to any one denomination, but will belong to all Believers of every Christian Denomination. Because Intercession City is a "City of Refuge" Numbers 35-9-34, Joshua 21:13:45 everyone is welcome.

The former Administration Building (built in 1925) in Intercession City housed a library and the Chapel as well as the business office for ICBC, Intercession City Biblical College. The upstairs of the building had different uses at different times. This historic building was demolished in March, 1979, after a minor fire, per order of Osceola County officials. The books in the library were looted and the rest were taken to the dump--some books were rare, 1st editions.

Plans are to construct a large (fire proof) building resembling the former Administration Building (pictured above). The downstairs will be divided into the Library and the Prayer Chapel. The upstairs will be accessible by an elevator and will be the Christian History Museum.

The 1st step in making this dream/vision a reality is the securing a suitable property for this project.
A Brief History of Osceola County Libraries.

2nd LIBRARY. 1914. Hart Memorial Public Library.Kissimmee’s first public library, Hart Memorial Library                           was built in 1910 by Mrs. Catherine S. Hart, widow of  Florida's first Republican Governor, Ossian B. Hart. It
​was also used as an early home for groups such as the American’s Women’s League and was razed in 1986 to
​make room for the city communication center. It was located on land donated in 1910 by Carrie S. Hart, widow
​of former Governor of Florida, Ossian B. Hart.

In 1914 a group of ladies in Kissimmee donated $52 each and collected additional funds from citizens to
build the Hart Memorial Public Library. A charter was issued to the Hart Memorial Chapter of the American
Women’s League
and Annie Palmer Fell, widow of  Nelson Fell, founder of Narcoossee and Fellsmere,
donated books and furnishings from her personal library to help begin the public library.

1st LIBRARY. 1911. The St. Cloud Reading Room. The Ladies Improvement Club established a reading room in a building in Oak Grove Park. In 1916 the Club raised $782 for lots on Massachusetts Avenue in St. Cloud to build a library. They paid $709 for the lots and the remaining $73 went into a building fund. Meanwhile, the wife of Colonel McElroy, president of the land company, donated a supply of books for the reading room.

3rd LIBRARY. 1918. Veterans Memorial Library The bank where the Ladies Improvement Club had deposited the building fund failed in 1918, in the aftermath of World War I. Undaunted, the members of the Ladies Improvement Club raised the funds again and the Veterans Memorial Library was dedicated that same year by Florida Governor Catts. Veterans Memorial Library was named in honor of the generous donations of Grand Army of the Republic posts across the nation. The G.A.R., Grand Army of the Republic was a fraternal organization of Union Army Civil War veterans. Linking men through their experience of the war, the G.A.R. became among the first organized advocacy groups in American politics, supporting voting rights for black veterans, promoting patriotic education, help to make Memorial Day a national holiday, lobbying the United States Congress to establish regular veterans' pensions, and supporting Republican political candidates. The Women's Club Annex was added in 1949.

4th LIBRARY, 1939. Intercession City Biblical Collrgr Library. When the ICBC, Intercession City Biblical College began in 1939, they also set aside space in the Administration Building for the Intercession City Library which was for the use of ICBC Students, staff, residents and guests in Intercession City. The Administration Building with the Library was sold to Osceola County and was demolished and was taken to the dump along with many volumes of books in 1986. We intend to resurrect and re-establish a library in Intercession City with a focus on World History, Bible History, Christian and Jewish History, as well as Biographies of people who changed the world, etc.

​On March 26, 1979
, County Ordinance 79-2 was adopted to create the current Library District in order to provide comprehensive Library services to all County residents. The governing board of the Library District is the Board of County Commissioners. The Board levies the property taxes necessary to operate the Library District, adopts the annual budget, and approves debt issuances.
On April 1, 1989, the Osceola Library System began operations as an independent organization offering Library service to all residents of Osceola County.

The Osceola Library System opened with three small branches and a total book collection of 70,000 volumes. Today, the Library boasts six branches, a collection of over 275,000 volumes, and serves over 120,000 library customers.

5th LIBRARY. Today there is the new Poinciana Library, 101 North Doverplum Avenue, Kissimmee, FL 34758 that is only 11 miles away from Intercession City, which takes about 15 minutes to get there.

​​6th LIBRARY. Within minutes of the Poinciana Library there is also the American Nudist Research Library Inc., which is DEDICATED TO PRESERVING NUDIST HISTORY WITH A COMPREHENSIVE ARCHIVE OF NUDIST MATERIAL, which is a member of the ALA, American Library Association. which has 60,301 library members, serves public schools nation wide.

It is a sad fact that Osceola County Commissioners not only ordered the demolition of the Historic  ​Administration Building with the Prayer Chapel and Library, but they took the books to the dump with the rest of the debris. Reminiscent of Hitler's ordered BOOK BURNINGS IN 1933.Some of Germany's most valuable creative works went up in flames on May 10, 1933. The mass book burnings marked a turning point in the Nazis' ideology campaigns. And they were largely organized by university students.
If Osceola County Commissioners can support founding Libraries such as the Hart Memorial Library, founded in 1914, in honor of Florida's 1st Republican Governor, Ossian B. Hart AND the 1918 Veteran's Memorial Library, that supported Republican Political Candidates AND allow the Nudist Research Library Inc., that was established in 1979 and located a short distance from the Poinciana Library in Kissimmee, THEN surely the Commissioner's will not have a problem with the RE-ESTABLISHING of a former Historic Library in Intercession City (the 3rd Library in Osceola County Library Timeline) that was established in 1939 and ordered to be demolished in 1986, and taken to the dump along with the Intercession City Library books. This new library will be a part of Historic Intercession City's, OEHC, Osie England Heritage Center, and named in memory of Dr. A.J. Smith, the first President of the ICBC, Intercession City Biblical College.
The ALA's Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) receives reports from libraries, schools, and the media on attempts to ban books in communities across the country. We compile lists of challenged books in order to inform the public about censorship efforts that affect libraries and schools. The top ten most challenged books of 2015 include:
1. Looking for Alaska, by John Green. Reasons: Offensive language, sexually explicit, and unsuited for age group. 2. Fifty Shades of Grey, by E. L. James. Reasons: Sexually explicit, unsuited to age group, and other (“poorly written,” “concerns that a group of teenagers will want to try it”). 3. I Am Jazz, by Jessica Herthel and Jazz Jennings. Reasons: Inaccurate, homosexuality, sex education, religious viewpoint, and unsuited for age group. 4. Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out, by Susan Kuklin. Reasons: Anti-family, offensive language, homosexuality, sex education, political viewpoint, religious viewpoint, unsuited for age group, and other (“wants to remove from collection to ward off complaints”). 5. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, by Mark Haddon. Reasons: Offensive language, religious viewpoint, unsuited for age group, and other (“profanity and atheism”).
             6. The Holy Bible
             Reasons: Religious viewpoint.
7. Fun Home, by Alison Bechdel. Reasons: Violence and other (“graphic images”). 8. Habibi, by Craig Thompson. Reasons: Nudity,
s​exually explicit, and unsuited for age group. 9. Nasreen’s Secret School: A True Story from Afghanistan, by Jeanette Winter
Reasons: Religious viewpoint, unsuited to age group, and violence. 10. Two Boys Kissing, by David Levithan. Reasons: Homosexuality
​and other (“condones public displays of affection”).http://www.ala.org/bbooks/frequentlychallengedbooks

Our 1st Book from the old Intercession City Library.
In 1933, in towns across Germany, thousands of books were set aflame because they were considered “un-German.” This was the beginning of the war of ideas. For the next twelve years, the Nazis banned, bombed, and burned books and libraries across Europe
Let me be clear about this collection. From the beginning, since 2014, I have NOT personally owned this collection of books, magazines, photos and assorted items pertaining to the history of Intercession City. All these items have been donated by ICBC Alumni and former and present residents of Intercesion City, for safe keeping, and belong to the LORD and the people of Intercession City. I have been given the responsibility, as caretaker, of watching over this collection until there is a permanent home built to display these items for future generations to enjoy.
TJ Lavigne.