​​​Community Wesleyan Church
​​​1548 Tallahassee Blvd.
Intercession City, FL 33848
Pastors Don & Kelly White​
​ (407) 931-2087

Gift of Grace Worship Center
1548 Tallahassee Blvd.
Intercession City, FL  33848
Pastor Samuel Kalloo
(401) 361-3769


​​Higher Ground Church

5563 S Orange Blossom Trl
Intercession City, FL ​33848
Phone:(407) 908-1668


​​Lighthouse Baptist Church
1664 Shepherd Ln
Intercession City, FL 33848
(407) 932-1565

Victory Baptist Church

5646 S. Orange Blossom Trail, Intercession City, FL 33848
(407) 870-2999

Spanish Church

​​​Iglesia Evangelica El Tabor

5621 Orange Ave.
Intercession City, FL 33848​​
Phone: (321) 337-5855

Located at 5646 S. Orange Blossom Trail, Intercession City, FL 33848 Sunday School 10:00 am Sunday worship service 11:00 Sunday Evening 6:30Wednesday Evening 7:00
Pastors Don & Kelly White
Pastors since 2012
This building was originally built for the Intercession City Christian School, where Mrs. Kreider Coy, taught Kindergarten and who also served as Principal

Bishop Don Hand
Senior Pastor
Robyn Hand
First Lady / Co-Pastor

The 1945 Hurricane, September 15, 1944
Hurricanes, Fires, Mold and Rotting have all contributed to the destruction of buildings in Intercession City. 

The progress of construction of the 1st church was well under way when the hurricane and caused destruction​​. Two women stand in the rubble after the Hurricane.​​

There was also damage to the roof in the 2007 hurricane
The path of the 1944 hurricane.

  Timeline of the Pastors of Intercession City's 1st Church

Pastor Osie England Preaching 
in the Intercession City church in 1948

​​​​​(1934-1948) Bishop Osie England. First Pastor of the first Church in Intercession City. The original denomination was the "Household of Faith," which she formed in 1923 in West Virginia. As a church they met in "The Chapel," in the beginning, which was located downstairs in the Administration Building, which is where the Post Office and Playground are located today.

(1951-1956) Harry E. Jessop

(19??-1962) Rev Lutrell


(1957-1962) Rev. H. B. Kreider. ​​​​

(1962-1963) Rev. J. C. Baynum

(1968-1972) Rev. Garland Tucker

(1968) The Wesleyan Methodist and the Pilgrim Holiness merged to form the Wesleyan Church​​​​​​. Some did not like it or join with the merger, thus Schaffer did not join in and thus started another church, which is where the Lighthouse Baptist is now.


​(1973-1982( Rev. Homer Brown (wife Virgie)​​​​

(1983-1984) Rev. Parker Husselton

(1985-1986) Rev. Mark McKay

(1987) No Pastor

(1994) Rev. Thomas McGary


(1995-2001) Rev. James Kreider & Kitty​​​​​​​​​​​​


(2001-2011) Rev. Brian Johnson​​​​​​


(2011-Present) Rev. Don White & Kelly​​​​​​​​


The founders saw  this church building as a HOUSE OF PRAYER FOR ALL PEOPLE.
Mark 11:17 And he taught, saying unto them, Is it not written, My house shall be called of all nations the house of prayer?
Isaiah 56:7 ...for mine house shall be called an house of prayer for all people.

Miss Osie preaching in the pulpit of the "large house of prayer" after the dedication of the building and just before she and her team left Intercession City in May of 1948, for Fellowship Front, Sanford, FL.
Below are pictures of rebuilding this LARGE HOUSE OF PRAYER on England Blvd. due to the 1944 hurricane.
In 1944, BEFORE the church building on Tallahasse Blvd. (then called England Blvd) was finished being built, rebuilt and named,
"Household of Faith Mission" or "Morrison Memorial" or the "Community Wesleyan Church", it was referred to as, "This Large House of Prayer."
This photo from the La Palmera year book is proof that Tallahassee Blvd was named England Blvd.
In the 3rd paragraph, 1st sentence, Mr. Maddy, the Editor of the DEFENDER OF THE FAITH magazine, in his appeal for funds to rebuild the  new structure they had been building and that was damaged from the hurricane as this, "large house of prayer." He didn't call it the "Household of Faith Mission Church" or "Morrison Memorial" or the :"Community Wesleyan Church," but he referred to it as the large building that was built for the purpose of praying was a "LARGE HOUSE OF PRAYER" or "LHOP." This is prophetic because this is what Jesus called His Father's house (the Temple in Jerusalem) according to Mark 11:17, Isaiah 56:7...my house of prayer...for all people.

The Lord's
​"Large House of Prayer"
Large House Of Prayer For All People 
Before there was IHOP in Kansas City in 1999, there was the LHOP in Intercession City in 1944.
Merchab Bayith Tĕphillah `Am(Hebrew)